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Enjoy our Encounter Tours!

Barn Hill Preserve creates extraordinary, personalized, and engaging experiences that ignite a lifelong passion for wildlife and conservation. We fulfill our mission by providing superior animal care and natural exhibitry, creating personal connections between people and animals, providing exceptional outreach programs, and appreciating and utilizing our unique country setting.

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What to expect:

Our Encounter Tour is unlike anything you've experienced before! 

Every tour provides your group with an educated tour guide who will lead you around the facility and provide you with facts and lead your animal encounters. This tour guide will also perform an encounter show with multiple animal ambassadors brought out to you!

Our facility has over 50 species of animals including hyenas, binturongs, zebras, lynx, capybaras, and more! 

Your guide will also lead animal encounters around the facility like entering the kangaroo exhibit and walking around with the kangaroos, entrance to our petting zoo with over a dozen animals, and at the end of your tour you'll be able to feed a sloth!

Meet Our Ambassadors!

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