Our Mission


Barn Hill Preserve creates extraordinary personalized and engaging experiences that ignite a lifelong passion for wildlife and conservation.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Providing superior animal care and natural exhibitry

  • Creating personal connections between people and animals

  • Providing Exceptional outreach programs

  • Appreciating and utilizing our unique country setting


A Lifelong Passion Project

For Gabe Ligon, what began as just a seed of passion for animals and education has grown into a thriving haven for exotic animals, conservation initiatives, and educational programs. 

Barn Hill Preserve first opened in 2012, with the goal of educating students about wildlife and conservation. From there, our goals evolved and in 2015 the gates of our zoological park opened for the first time for guests! We have stuck to our original model in the years since of educational encounter tours. Each year we add new exhibits and animals. 

Gabe with T'Challa Giraffe.jpg


Barn Hill's passion for protecting wildlife doesn't stop at the border. Many of our staff members take regular trips around the world to assist in emergency conservation efforts.

This picture was taken of our founder sending a drone up to survey Australian lands ravaged by the 2020 wildfires, searching for animals that survived the blaze. 


In addition to protecting and serving wildlife in danger, we also wanted to create a more direct connection between people and the wild animals they care about, whether they live in different countries or on different continents. So Global Wildlife Support was created.

A 501C-3, the main goal of Global Wildlife Support is to aid wildlife across our ever-changing planet and to help individuals and organizations who share a similar vision. 

To date GWS has donated over $100,000 to conservation efforts in Australia, Guyana and Costa Rica, and has also provided hands on relief after the 2020 Australian bush fires.