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Mobile Crew

Our Mobile Outreach Team is certified to travel all across the southeast region of the United States.

Our experienced educators visit schools with LIVE ambassador animals to enrich young lives about wildlife...FOR FREE!

Barn Hill Preserve
Barn Hill Preserve


Education is our goal

Our informative and demonstrative programs offer an up close and personal experience with wildlife from all over the planet.

Barn Hill Preserve's education staff is experienced in presenting to all age groups with all types of learning abilities.

During programs, students are encouraged to participate by asking and answering questions.

We find that this engaging experience promotes critical thinking in a fun way.


Photo Opportunities

Did we mention it is 100% free?

One of the ways we fund our program is by giving the students a chance to purchase a photo with one of our ambassador animals.

If guardians choose to not purchase a photo, that is quite all right. Their child can still participate in the program.

Barn Hill Preserve




We fund our programs by selling merchandise to students! We have various merchandise items available for purchase including Animal Sponsor Kits, Collapsable Water Bottle, Field Notebooks, Barn Hill Preserve Bracelets and the bracelet includes a 20% off voucher to tour our facility.


Still not sold?

Check out this video our friends at Mary Marek made for us.

If you are ready for a wild time please give us a call at 225-286-3003. Prefer email?

Email for any bookings outside of Louisiana and for any in Louisiana.

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