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Join us for a Wild   time

Looking for something to do?

Look no further! Every month at Barn Hill there is a new and exciting event to attend! No two events are ever the same so you can come have fun with us as much as you'd like!

We have a variety of different events for all of our guests to experience.

Sips with Sloths


Kangaroo and Goat Yoga

Holiday Events


Sip Sip Hooray!

Join us for an adults-only evening where you will get to stroll through our preserve while sampling wine varieties from across the world. You will even get the chance to meet and learn about our two-toed sloths! There will also be visits from other animal ambassadors. Proceeds from this event benefit sloth conservation!

sips 2.jpeg
sips 8.jpeg

Sips with Sloths

Tickets: $50 + tax


Kangaroo Yoga


Looking to unwind and find inner peace in your life? Then look no further than Barn Hill Preserve's Kangaroo Yoga Experience!

Within our large kangaroo yard, a certified instructor will guide you through a relaxing 45-minute yoga flow as our resident kangaroo ambassadors freely hop around giving you posing tips!


Each one of our kangaroos are juvenile and our trained staff members will be present during each session to ensure safe interactions between participants and roos. ​

Goat Yoga

clip art_edited.png

Goat Yoga is new to Barn Hill but such a fun event! These goats absolutely love grazing the yard and interacting with guests during their yoga experience. 

There are more than a dozen goats, an alpaca, and two friendly camels who will be in the yard with you while you experience this event!

The whole event is about an hour and will be monitored by staff bringing around snacks for all goats to enjoy while you relax.

goat yoga 6_edited.jpg

21 + Goat Yoga

Sunsets, Spirits, and Stretches

New addition to goat yoga! We are now hosting our relaxing yoga experience located inside the goat yard with the bonus of cocktails! Sunsets, Spirits, and Stretches allows our guests to receive their own souvenir cups filled with one of our options of cocktails, head on down to our goat yard and set up for the hour-long yoga session, or just play with the goats. Limited space available, so first come first served! 21+ only.

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