winterfestsceneswinterfestfaqWhere are you located?

We are in Frankford, DE! Our address is 34215 Peppers Corner Rd. Below is a simplified map of where to find us!

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If you are traveling SOUTH: on your left, you will see a large green fenced in area at the corner of Peppers Corner Rd and Beaver Dam Rd, enter here!
If you are traveling NORTH: you will see a house with a red roof on your right, pass that house, you will turn into the green fenced in area on your right!

What about social distancing?

We require that you wear a mask to check-in. Our large outdoor area has ample space to remain 6 ft apart from other guests that are not in your party.

Are children allowed to attend?

Absolutely! This event is for all ages! Children under two are even admitted for FREE!

Are pets allowed to attend?

Unfortunately pets, including dogs, are not allowed to attend due to the fact that we have live animals and cannot know how they and your dog will interact. This is for everyone's saftey.


I've heard you do sloth encounters. What do they entail and how do I add an encounter on to my ticket?

Our sloth encounters are able to be signed up for on the day of the event at check-in. They are $30 per person and during the encounter, you are able to hold our youngest sloth, Forrest, as he rests in a basket, as our two older sloths, Charlie and Noah hang from their perches. After your time with Forrest, we will allow you to feed a snack to Charlie or Noah. During the encounter, our staff will take your picture and then print a 4x6 glossy photo so you can remember this experience forever!


How do I sign up??

Click the button below to register! Be sure to select the correct date and time, as there are many different dates and multiple different time slots!