Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware is open to the public for visits on scheduled dates and times. While visiting, guests will experience a fun interactive animal show and meet various animal ambassadors that live with us at Barn Hill! Your visit will begin with a 30-45 minute live educational presentation featuring a diverse group of animals. Afterwards guest can sign up for some of our special animal encounters which will allow for a unique one-on-one interaction with our animal ambassadors. 

Animal Shows

2 & under Free
Child (3-11yrs)  $20.00
Adult (12+ yrs) $30.00
Senior (65+) $25.00
Local Adult (Any Sussex county primary residence) $25.00


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Animal Encounters (Ages 3 +)

Sloth Encounter $30.00/participant 
Kangaroo Walkabout $10.00/participant
Small Reptile Encounter $10.00/participant
Small Mammal Encounter $10.00/participant
Owl Encounter $10.00/participant

 *All encounters will be available for purchase when you check in the day of your visit.

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Encounter Tours - $60/person

  • includes admission to animal show plus all encounters offered for the day, excluding sloth encounter. (Animals included in encounter tours vary on a daily basis according to animal behavior and mood)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between an "Animal Show" Ticket and an "Encounter Tour" Ticket?

  • Animal Show Ticket includes
    • admission to our 30-min live animal show
  • Encounter Tour Ticket includes
    • admission to our 30-min live animal show
    • tickets for all offered encounters for the day excluding Sloth Encounters


Do I have to pre-register or can I just show up?

  • We ask that you purchase your tickets prior to your visit. We only have select dates and times that we are open and each time slot has a max amount of participants to ensure everyone has a memorable experience.


How early should I arrive?

  • We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit so we can have you checked in and begin the presentation on time. If you arrive late, there is no guarantee you will get the full presentation experience.


Are pets allowed to attend?

  • Unfortunately pets, including dogs, are not allowed to attend due to the fact that we have live animals and cannot know how they and your dog will interact. This is for everyone's saftey.


Do I have to sign up for encounters prior to my visit?

  • Nope! We will have you sign up for encounters when you check-in. We ensure enough encounter slots for everyone that is visiting that day.


Can I touch the animals during my encounter?

  • Each encounter is specific to the animal being encountered. Some animals are dangerous to pet or are solitary so our encounter will allow you to get up-close without endangering you or our animals. Most of the time if an animal can't be touched, we offer hand feeding opportunities to still get that bonding moment with out animals!

What if it rains, do you reschedule?

  • Luckily most of your experience will be in a covered area so weather doesn't effect us! 


What about social distancing?

  • We require that you wear a mask to check-in. Our large outdoor area has ample space to remain 6 ft apart from other guests that are not in your party.


Where are you located?

  • We are in Frankford, DE! Our address is 34215 Peppers Corner Rd. Below is a map of where to find us!