Encounter Tours

Our tour guides will show you around are beautiful property to see animals such as our dromedary camels, eurasian lynx, free-flying macaws, servals, eagle owls, and much more. The guided animal tour is a lot of fun and provides a wonderful education experience to guests of all ages. Read More about our Guided Tours and Ambassador Encounters!

Free-Flying Macaw Rescue

Barn Hill Preserve is committed to offering a home to free-flying Macaws that can no longer be cared for by their owners. Macaws can make difficult pets, and these birds can live up to 80 years with proper care and diet. Barn Hill Preserve is unique in our Macaw initiative in that we provide a forever home that allows the birds to free-fly throughout our preserve. Read More about our Free-Flying Macaw Rescue!

Otter Swims

Otter Swim Encounter Tours are 3 hours long and include a guided tour around the facility, up close interactions with our animal ambassadors, and the chance to swim with our Asian small-Clawed Otters! This tour is a truly unique experience found nowhere else in Louisiana. The otter swim portion of the tour includes time for changing clothes, orientation, and swimming with the otters. Learn More about Otter Swims!

Animal Ambassadors

Barn Hill Preserve hosts a variety of Animal Ambassadors! Visit our Animal Ambassador page to learn more about Three Banded Armadillos, Chilean Gold Fluff Tarantulas, Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots, and more.

Field Trips

Barn Hill Preserve field trips are an experience of a lifetime! Guests enjoy an exciting outdoor tour led by our enthusiastic staff. Guided tours include live animal encounters and provide an excellent educational experience for young children! Learn More about Field Trips!

Facility Birthday Parties

Barn Hill Preserve birthday parties are an experience of a lifetime! The birthday boy/girl and guests get to enjoy an exciting tour led by our enthusiastic staff. Read More about Facility Birthday Parties!