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Invite a Barn Hill Preserve animal ambassador to sit in on your next video conference! 

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At Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware we strive to educate the public about animals and nature!

Our ZOO-M calls allow us to showcase our animal ambassadors remotely. Have a team building exercise, or particularly challenging time at work coming up? Our ZOO-M calls can be a great stress reliever, and way to build team morale. 

The goal of each ZOO-M call is to bring a fun change of pace to daily office meetings by providing a unique experience where everyone can learn new things about animals they normally would never encounter.

Pricing & Info

One ZOO-M call includes 15,30, or 60 minutes of time spent observing an animal ambassador while our experienced staff teach your party of up to six screens about their behaviors, adaptations and habitat. Additional animal ambassadors can be added to your call.

Pricing starts at $20, each additional animal add on is $10. ZOO-M calls need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. 

Payment is processed over the phone after scheduling. Any questions, please email


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