Want to help exotic animal conservation and advertise your business at the same time? 


Barn Hill Preserve's mission has always been to educate the public about animal conservation through hands-on educational experience. We strive to continually improve our facilities, and the experience our guests have while with us. 

However, there is only so much that we can do while still maintaining the high standards of safety and excellence at our properties. That's why we rely on the generosity of our corporate sponsors. 

Since Barn Hill is a private business (we are not a 501c3) we cannot provide a "charitable donation write-off." Instead, we utilize the strategy implemented by many private zoos and similar businesses. In return for sponsoring we provide advertising through signs, banners, social media, newsletters, and promotional events.

Gold Level Sponsors


Bronze Level Sponsors


Sponsorship Tiers


​​Individuals or families that sponsor an entire project are considered "sole sponsors." Sole sponsor's name and logo are the only ones listed on enclosure sign.

Additional Sole Sponsor Appreciation Includes:

  • Social Media Article

  • High Gloss Large Photo of Enclosure

  • Animal Footprint Thank You Card

  • Website Recognition

  • Private Tour of our Facility

  • Newspaper and news articles can also be arranged to recognize sole sponsors along with promotional items at your business or event.


Enclosures that are sponsored by multiple individuals or businesses are known as "team sponsors." Names and logos will be positioned on enclosure sign in small, medium, and large fonts depending on sponsorship amount.

Gold Team Sponsor: $1,000 

  • Business/Personal Name or Logo in Large Font on Enclosure Sign

  • Animal Footprint Thank You Card

  • High Gloss Large Photo of Enclosure

  • Social Media/Website Recognition

  • 10 Free VIP Tour Passes (Includes Live Encounters)

Silver Team Sponsor: $500

  • ​Business/Personal Name or Logo in Medium Font on Enclosure Sign

  • Animal Footprint Thank You Card

  • High Gloss Large Photo of Enclosure

  • 5 Free VIP Tour Passes (Includes Live Encounters

Bronze Team Sponsor: $125

  • ​Business/Personal Name in Small Font on Enclosure Sign

  • Animal Footprint Thank You Card


Barn Hill is attempting to secure sponsors for a variety of animal enclosures. These enclosures will allow a larger variety of animals to be accommodated and attract more visitors. When designing an enclosure the animal's species-specific needs are always the first priority.


Sponsorships provide resources for our enclosures such as materials, labor, landscaping, yearly maintenance, and animal enrichment. 

They also enhance guest experiences by providing the funds necessary for informative signs that display educational animal facts & the sponsor's name and logo. 


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