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Kangaroo Yoga

Find your flow with some of the cutest Joeys around. 


Looking to unwind and find inner peace in your life? Then look no further than Barn Hill Preserve's Kangaroo Yoga Experience!

Kangaroo Yoga allows us to follow safety guidelines while also providing an interactive experience with our red kangaroo animal ambassadors!

Within our large kangaroo yard, a certified instructor will guide you through a relaxing 45-minute yoga flow as our resident kangaroo ambassadors freely hop around giving you posing tips!


Each one of our kangaroos are juvenilles and our trained staff members will be present during each session to ensure safe interactions between participants and roos. ​

Pricing & Info

Kangaroo yoga tickets are $35 per person and we encourage you to bring your own yoga mat and/or an old beach towel to protect it from any accidents.

If you are just in the area for a beach vacation you can rent a mat from us for $5 or just use your beach towel! In the summer, kangaroo yoga is held Tuesday - Thursday at 7:00am! We recommend ages 5+ for this event.


How Did Kangaroo Yoga Begin? 

Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware began holding Kangaroo Yoga in January 2020 at local gyms to raise money for Australia's devastating bushfires in late 2019 and early 2020. Those early Kangaroo Yoga sessions were hugely popular and helped us acquire funds that we were then able to distribute to the Australian wildlife warriors in need! 


Flash forward to summer of 2020... just like most businesses, COVID-19 had heavily impacted our ability to travel around and educate persons across the country about our amazing animal ambassadors. Our team of dedicated animal education enthusiasts at Barn Hill Preserve had to get creative in order to spread our knowledge and passion for animals to the public in these uncertain times. We began showcasing our animals in Facebook live videos, livestream presentations to schools, ZOO-m calls for people of all ages, and our drive-thru events called Car-E-Safaris.


Despite the successes of those options, we still strived to bring people a more interactive experience with our animal ambassadors and that is where our new outdoor Kangaroo Yoga comes in! 

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Hear From Satisfied Guests

This is the closest you will get to kangaroos. You basically get to hang out with them for an hour. It was a super cool experience. The team at the preserve will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about them and their funny personalities!

Kristin T. via Google

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Frequently Asked Questions

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