Australia needs our help. Over 12 million acres have been burned leaving approximately 1 billion animals without refuge. There are a lot of wildlife carers that are being overwhelmed from all of the animals that are coming in so we have set up a GoFundMe and an Amazon Wish List to help provide some critical supplies to the carers. Barn Hill Preserve will be sending experienced animal care teams to assist some of the many Australian wildlife carers in the effort to save animals from the devastating wildfires. Our teams will be bringing medical supplies and volunteers to assist wildlife carers.

We currently have our first team in Australia with more on their way in the next few weeks. We are working directly with wildlife author Jodie Blackney’s organization Bushfire Rescue and Support to provide volunteer services in the bush in Australia. Funding you’ve all been providing is being used to purchase critical supplies needed in this time of need. Want to get involved? Consider donating to our GoFundMe or on our Amazon Wish List.

The funds raised from this campaign will directly be used to purchase medical supplies and food for the animals.

Please consider helping out however you can!

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